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If you recall, there wasn't a majority in Parliament for any particular vision of Brexit, and so Theresa May was effectively paralysed. She triggered A.50 to try and force the issue (and prove her Brexiteer credentials) but that just made the divisions worse. Eventually Boris got a mandate to "get Brexit done" but did so by signing a withdrawal agreement which still left some true believers unhappy. Of course it was just a ruse to create the appearance of a clear end game and win an election.

But the biggest problem was always the totally unrealistic expectations of virtually all Britons, Brexiteers and Remainers alike, as to what they could get out of a negotiation with the EU. Basically it was a have cake and eat it strategy because "they need us more than we need them".

That was always the main reason I expected a hard Brexit, even if no one have predicted just how incompetent the once hallowed halls of Westminster and Whitehall would prove to be. An empty echo chamber where only Brexiteer clarion calls could be heard.

It isn't over yet. The UK still has a long way to fall. The surprising thing is how reasonable they make the EU by comparison, allowing the EU to take an increasingly hard line in response. Basically anything goes, now that Boris has chosen to break the law.

The reality is the UK neds international law more than anyone to provide cover for its weakness and isolation. With the WTO effectively paralysed and out of the game and Trump likely to lose in the US they will soon find themselves friendless, isolated, and in catastrophic decline.

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