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I have been a lifelong feminist and fought for a number of causes alongside my late wife, but I don't want to see a conservative backlash a la Trump by men with partly legitimate grievances.

Nothing undermines feminism so much as the notion that a job has to go to a women regardless of qualifications, and nothing undermines public confidence in political institutions so much as the feeling the wrong people got the wrong jobs for the wrong reasons. We have suffered enough from incompetence in key roles.

Jobs for the boys was all wrong, but jobs for the girls little better even if only to correct historic grievances and imbalances. To a large extent this is a middle class female fetish in any case used by careerists for their own ends. Women in general often don't benefit, and especially not working class women and those with lower levels of education.

All that said, Mairead McGuinness is at worst a very marginal case, and at best she could make a very good commissioner. She started working life as an agricultural journalist and might make a good agriculture commissioner.

But it would be a double slap in the face for Ireland if Ursula van Der Leyen were to first insist on her choice of Commissioner and then offer her a mediocre job.  What would happen if Mairead then decided to stay as EP Vice President and take her chances with the EP presidency?

It would be a huge blow to Ireland, the Commission, and Van der Leyen if she ended up appointing a non-entity male technocrat no one really wanted in the job. But that is what you get when you say no men of relevant qualifications and experience need apply, and that is feminism at its worst.

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