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I have no doubt Mairead McGuinness will make an adequate Commissioner in some Commission role, but whatever happened to appointing the best person for the job?

Aren't you selling your countrywoman short? After all, McGuinness is First VP of the European Parliament. She didn't arrived there by accident, did she? Nor by "gender preference" either, right?

I understand we always want the best person for the job (I do too). However, Real Life, especially in politics, and even more so in European institutions politics, does not work that way. Compromises are inevitable, so let's move on.

Heck, "the best person for the job" was definitely Hogan, and his downfall was all of his own making: too much arrogance and hubris.What really did him in, I suspect, was his lamentable interview on RTÉ and not keeping level with his boss VDL. Had Hogan been a little less full of himself, we still would have an excellent Trade Commissioner to negotiate with the US and with the UK. Now, I understand that Didier Reynders might land the job (of course, it's all speculation at this point).

by Bernard on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 at 05:16:30 PM EST

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