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Instead, perhaps we could examine the downsides to enforced parity in places where it has been applied for a while... For example, Scandinavia?
As far as I know, in Nordic countries we mostly aims for no discrimination whatsoever, be it positive or negative. There are some special cases where a minority quota can be considered when two applicants are equally qualified.

Positive discrimination is allowed when it's based on age or income so kids, students, unemployed and elderly people can get cheaper tickets. And war veterans get free swimming and other activities.

In general the legal framework leans more towards making sure members of minorities (subjective to conditions) have a way to become a qualified applicant rather than forcing the selection. As long as the most qualified is selected.

Not a perfect system, but there hasn't been many complaints.

by pelgus on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 at 05:32:34 PM EST
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