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US elections are usually about personalities and which candidate you can identify more with but in this case it may come down to which candidate will surround himself with a more able cabinet/key advisors and what their respective policy agendas are. It's hard to see many younger and minority voters identifying strongly with either candidate, but as usual in a bipolar race, it comes down to voters deciding what their least worse option is.

For the moment Biden doesn't have to do or say much or offer great clarity as to his policy agenda - just being not Trump may be enough. He just has to avoid scaring off any of the fragile coalition building around him made up of quite liberal but also quite conservative voters. But if he does win he could reach record levels of unpopularity very quickly unless he institutes real change that people want.

Ronald Raygun was a similarly ancient candidate who couldn't do much, but his team delivered on changes which many voters where persuaded they wanted. Sometimes a very undynamic candidate can still be a catalyst for great change. Reagan was senile for much of his second term.

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