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As for the Senate, Democrats look likely to pick up seats in Arizona, Colorado and Maine. If Doug Jones holds on in Alabama and Biden wins the Presidency, Kamala Harris as VP would cast the deciding vote in the Senate and Democrats would hold both houses.

Other possible Senate pickups include North Carolina where first term incumbent Republican Tom Tilis is trailing challenger Cal Cunningham by around a point, Georgia, where both Senate seats are being contested, South Carolina, Iowa and Montana. In Georgia incumbent Republican Davis Perdue is pretty much  tied with Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. In South Carolina Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham is facing and unexpectedly strong challenge from Democrat Jamie Harrison. The latest poll, July 30 - August 3 by Quinnipiac University has them tied at 44% each. Analysts rate the race either toss up or lean Republican.

In Iowa the most recent poll by PPP, August 13-14, shows Democratic challenger Theresa
Greenfield leading incumbent Republican Joni Ernst 48% to 45% and all polling since July 1 shows the race very close. And in Montana former Democratic Governor Steve Bullock was leading in the polls until mid July but  Republican Steve Danes has pulled ahead since.

A lot depends on turnout for the election and what, if any, chaos the current USPS disruption by Trump's newly appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has and in which direction. All in all the Democrats have a reasonable chance to take the Senate if they win the Presidency, especially if they win the Presidency by a significant margin. Even if Trump wins re-election by a squeaker it is still possible, though less likely, that the Democrats could still take the Senate. In that case they would be a vital check on Trump's judicial appointees and, to a lesser extent, on Trump's unconstitutional behavior.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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