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While in the shadows of the presidential election, I think a major story of this election year has been the way challengers from the left has knocked out establishment incumbents. Sure there is a long way to go, but wins can be used to grow organisational strenght for the next round.

One interesting article on how in New York a number of candidates ran as a group, a leftwing slate:

How New York City's Democratic Socialists Swept the Competition - The American Prospect

Forrest's campaign prioritized relationship-building and organizing over winning support from existing power brokers. Once the slate had developed a common platform, the organizing came naturally. "People had way bigger buy-in than just supporting me as an individual," said Forrest. "We got buy-in through the issues."

THE WORKING FAMILIES PARTY has been winning campaigns in New York since the late 1990s, and is a more sophisticated operation, with a significant number of highly qualified paid staff. This storehouse of talent and knowledge was critical to many of the victories, especially Bowman's, who faced an avalanche of outside spending. The DSA's organizing operation, on the other hand, thrived due to motivated volunteers drawn to the agenda of its endorsed candidates.

by fjallstrom on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 at 12:49:29 PM EST

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