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Indeed a most heartening development in US politics has been the development of a core of progressives in the House. It looks like the original core of four, 'The Squad' - Ocasio-Cortez, Presley, Jayapal and Omar - will be more than doubled in November. The distinguishing characteristic of these new progressives is their eschewal of big money donors, reliance on small donations from supporters and mutual support among themselves. And this term that support has expanded to the Senate with AOC's endorsement of Sen. Edward Markey over Joe Kennedy in the Mass. Democratic Primary. Markey is a long term liberal Democrat who has made himself over as a progressive by co-sponsoring legislation including a Green New Deal bill in the Senate.

These new progressives join the Democratic Progressive Caucus, which includes many more establishment Democrats, largely from minority districts. Demographic changes will favor this new progressive brand as younger generations become more of a factor in politics and as white voters become a minority in the USA. The age factor is especially important as older black and latinix voters tend to be socially and economically  conservative, which tends to limit their 'progressivism'. This age factor is largely responsible for Biden being the Democratic candidate in 2020.

The trick will be to maintain at least some semblance of democratic elections for another four to eight years. If Biden wins, then regresses to DNC centrism and embraces austerity, then in 2024 the USA might see a more competent fascist Republican elected President.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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