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His appointment of an Illinois Catholic woman might draw blue collar Catholic women. While not necessarily anti-abortion, these women don't like seeing an all or mostly Protestant Male court.
If she is fanatically Catholic, i.e. a female Catholic Pence, then yes, they will be repelled unless they too are fanatics in which case Trump had them anyway.

American Catholics, even Irish Catholics, are not the same as Ireland's Catholics. And more often than not have intermarried with Italian and Polish Catholics who do not have the same anti-sex indoctrination. I remember my Polish-Italian buddy and I in High School would filch our condoms from his father's ample supply. And they were staunch Catholics, just didn't want a dozen kids. IIRC a poll said 80% of American Catholics practiced non-rhythm birth control.

by StillInTheWilderness on Fri Sep 25th, 2020 at 10:32:49 PM EST
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