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civil suits contesting Census2020 reporting, disqualified candidates and voters, inferior court "national" injunctions, AND ballot counts will be flying fast 'n' furious well into 4Q2021 with assists by the cheeto-dictator and Decent Joe "surrogates".

I reckon, AP will err on side of the latter before polls close, as is the custom. Then Biden's admin will assume the office "under a cloud" (PHASE II) of "illegitimacy" until his ahh untimely death in this

EPIC transferal of power to Top Cop Kamala?!

archived stamps, rejected ballots, Nse Ufot must be new here, no particular order

What surprises me is that anyone on the planet looks to the USA to be a paragon of "democratic processes."
by Cat on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 at 03:25:53 PM EST
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