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Rules and laws only apply to little people, people like Boris and Scumings see themselves as people who stride the world, free of such encumbrances.
After all, during a lockdown during spring which was pretty much observed 99%, Scummings drove from London to Durham (apparently to check if his eyesight was good enough for driving). Something so common "Oiky" Gove popped up on the studio round to say he'd done much the same thing.
Then again, Gove has form; he once emerged from a party to make a newscomment with what seemed to be a very visible white powder on his nostrils (I'm sure it was talc).
As "Another Angry Voice" noted;-
Johnson voted against Theresa May's shambles of a Brexit deal, then voted in favour of it, then stole it and pretended that it was his own, then unlawfully suspended parliament to prevent democratic scrutiny of it, then stood for election on a platform of  getting his "oven-ready" Brexit done, then officially signed up to abide by the terms of the deal ...
And now he just openly admits that it was nonsense all along, while threatening to tear it all up and deliberately trigger 'no deal' chaos.

keep to the Fen Causeway
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