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After the Irish border cave-in, I was convinced for a long time that Boris would cave on the final Brexit deal too -- with a discourse of "We really stuck it to the EU" while continuing business as usual, alignment on environmental conditions, state aid, the whole bit.

Over the last couple of months, it's become blindingly obvious that the negotiations are a farce, and that hard brexit was their only thought from the start (unless they really are making it up day by day??)

But one never anticipated that they would pre-announce their intention to breach international law. They can hardly blame the EU now for failure of the talks...

Once more, I'm puzzled by the endgame. I suppose they"re counting on the Irish government being obliged to close the border, and it'll be all the EU's fault... would that frame hold?

Perhaps a better option than closing the border would be a EU naval blocade in the Irish sea? I rather like that idea
But the economic conséquences will be unthinkably disastrous. Public opinion can't be fooled on that.

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by eurogreen on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 at 08:50:53 AM EST

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