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I am leaning towards there not being much of an endgame, but only tactical maneuvers for fleeting political advantage.

Cameron called a referendum to improve his odds of winning an election, then had no plan to handle the result.

May called new elections and triggered the exit process to improve her odds of winning the election, then had no plan to handle the negotiations.

Johnson called new elections and called for a quick Brexit to improve his odds of winning the election, and yet again does not have appear to have a plan.

One could argue that surely the economic owners of the country must have more of a plan, but given the propensity for fincial gambling, I am not so sure. I am sure that they have a lot of hedging going on, in a heads I win, tails the public lose, kind of way, but that doesn't really take plans.

Oh, and they probably have bunkers in New Zeeland, but that is more indicative of the lack of actual planning for the future of the UK and a vote of non-confidence in their trust of their fellow owners to maintain control.

by fjallstrom on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 at 09:21:10 AM EST
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