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Rather then looking at the letter of the Treaties, one can look at the bodies that would handle disputes.

The WTO has been scared by the United States' decision in December to block the appointment of two new members to the appellate body. The move has meant that the WTO has not been able to rule on new trade disputes between member countries since then.

Right now the appelate body is being described as a "void":

According to the expert, the EU has taken advantage of the current vulnerability of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and is trying to avoid responsibility for actions recognized as illegal at the international level, and by using the rules developed with the active participation of the EU.

"The EU's blocking of the results of the dispute on energy adjustments by filing an appeal into the "void" threatens the EU's own achievements in trade cooperation," she noted.

WTO right now also lacks an acting leader:

Trade officials in Geneva on Friday failed to select an acting leader of the World Trade Organization to take over when current Director-General Roberto Azevedo steps down on Aug. 31.

WTO delegates couldn't broker a consensus agreement this week after the U.S. demanded that an American, Alan Wolff, become interim director-general instead of Karl Brauner of Germany.

Apart from the whole matter of WTO schedules and tariffs were UK needs to disentangle from the EU and as far as I know haven't done more then to say that they will be as an EU member for the transitionship period.

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