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Meanwhile, the Torygraph "reported" that M.Barnier is to be sidelined; that kind of rumors have been popping up in the British press regularly for the past four years.

Brexit chief Michel Barnier says he's `worried' about `difficult' negotiations

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier strongly denied he's being pushed out of his job and said he was "worried" because "the British would like the best of both worlds."

"It's been four years that I've been living with these articles, these personal attacks, these rumors" in "certain British press" about his impending departure, Barnier told France Inter radio Monday. He was responding to a question about a report in the Telegraph that EU leaders were set to sideline him in a bid for a breakthrough in the negotiations.

"All these people don't know how we work on the European side," Barnier said. "I'm not an individual negotiator, I don't negotiate for myself but ... on a very precise mandate that has been confirmed to me and which is that of the 27 heads of state and the [European] Parliament."

If the goal was to undermine Barnier, it was an epic fail:

EU closes ranks after UK's Brexit bombshells

As negotiators prepare for the eighth round of talks, which begin in London on Tuesday, not for the first time is Brussels somewhat baffled by the U.K.'s apparent strategy.

The Brits "are making it very easy for Barnier to keep support in EU capitals," said one EU official closely involved in the talks. "But their timing is stunning. At this point, we should go underwater to resurface with a compromise. Instead, this media offensive leads to another breach of trust between the two sides. And the level of trust is already very, very low."

Ah yes, trust:

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