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I will have lots more to write about the rightwing leadership of Bibi Netanyahu in Israel that has encouraged neocon policy and growth of extremism in the United States. To be clear, the name of America's traitor has made it's indelible marks all across the Promised Land and the Middle East. Orthodox Jewish teaching, political influence and expressing moral superiority. Their propaganda has influenced European politics and supported populist leaders, or rather politicians saw a chance to promote one's selves. The crazies and idiots have reached our shores.

Rise of Populism Based on Terror and Islamophobia

by Oui on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 at 01:55:07 PM EST

From darkest Red to light purple ... not quite bipartisan on approach. Hard Times with a Blue U.S. Congress ...

Netanyahu denies partisan tilt: 'Democrats and Republicans, makes no difference' | Times of Israel |

In Israel there is not even an centrist alternative to extremism of the religious parties and Likud combination.

Views on Israel of U.S. Presidential Candidates 2020: Joe Biden

Israel bars Democrats Tlaib and Omar from visiting after Trump claims they hate 'all Jewish people' | CNBC - Aug. 15, 2019 |

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 12:56:19 PM EST
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I don't believe Blue America is interested in the opinion of Hayom, a newspaper bought for rightwing politics of Bibi Netanyahu ... I do hope Joe Biden and his administration will be strong on human rights by adversaries and allies!! Stop the stinking hypocrisy ... it corrupts and blinds oneself. Trump et al.

America faces turbulent times. The storming of the US Capitol sounded the alarms of a possible civil war while Democrats increased the pressure for President Trump's removal from office less than two weeks before the end of his term at the White House. If the internal pressure continues escalating, this political powder keg could blow up. The only way to avoid a disaster is to find common ground that serves everybody's interests.

Capitalism and Western politics are based on power play, no compromise. Taking no prisoners.

Revolutionary Men of Letters and the Pursuit of Radical Change

Today the Trump mob was calling for a Radical Revolution ... what will the day of Biden's Inauguration bring on America? Blue glory or rampaging Reds on the streets of the seat of government in the States or in Washington DC.

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 12:57:47 PM EST
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h/t Cat

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 05:23:40 PM EST
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Jahweh has abandoned the Jewish people in their journey of four years in the Sands of Nevada within sight of the Citadel of the shining City ... Mozes aka D Trump had Promised a new Dawn ... alas the Darkness of Satan prevailed.

Hayom and Netanyahu are as Mary Magdalene at the scene of the crucifixion.

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 05:29:20 PM EST
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Trump Tweets and UltraOrthodox Jews

'Unparalleled privilege': why white evangelicals see Trump as their savior | The Guardian |

Joy Reid notably referred to the president's stunt on the balcony as a "Mussolini moment." Others saw something different on their screens. Trump's evangelical supporters beheld a positively biblical moment unfolding before them. "Is there anyone like unto him?" tweeted evangelical radio host Eric Metaxas, echoing Moses' post-Exodus awe at the wonder-working powers of the Lord God himself (Exodus 15:11).
by Oui on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 at 01:59:17 PM EST
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Sheldon Adelson passed away a wealthy man, paid for Trump to drop a nuclear device on Iran .. has not lived to see his dream come true ... died at 87 yrs old

Sheldon Adelson calls on US to nuke Iranian desert

Pompeo: Al-Qaeda has new home base in Iran, threatening region, Abraham Accords

Same old neocon lies ... with Trump gone, nothing will change beyond a new man in the Oval Office ... same old Congress.

EU 'concerned' over Iran increased uranium enrichment | JPost |

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 05:38:51 PM EST
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Sheldon Adelson: 'Crazy Jewish Billionaire'

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 09:37:25 PM EST
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Plus the death of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson ...

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 10:42:39 PM EST
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