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I don't believe Blue America is interested in the opinion of Hayom, a newspaper bought for rightwing politics of Bibi Netanyahu ... I do hope Joe Biden and his administration will be strong on human rights by adversaries and allies!! Stop the stinking hypocrisy ... it corrupts and blinds oneself. Trump et al.

America faces turbulent times. The storming of the US Capitol sounded the alarms of a possible civil war while Democrats increased the pressure for President Trump's removal from office less than two weeks before the end of his term at the White House. If the internal pressure continues escalating, this political powder keg could blow up. The only way to avoid a disaster is to find common ground that serves everybody's interests.

Capitalism and Western politics are based on power play, no compromise. Taking no prisoners.

Revolutionary Men of Letters and the Pursuit of Radical Change

Today the Trump mob was calling for a Radical Revolution ... what will the day of Biden's Inauguration bring on America? Blue glory or rampaging Reds on the streets of the seat of government in the States or in Washington DC.

by Oui on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 12:57:47 PM EST
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