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Probably the best thing would be to offer any NI Protestant family £1,000,000 to bugger off o the UK.  Expensive but cheap when compared to the cost of hundreds of years of sectarian conflict pretty well guaranteed by Ireland re-unification with the Orange Lodges, UVF, Red Hand, & etc still infesting NI.

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by ATinNM on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 at 09:23:54 PM EST
Algeria was colonized by France in 1830, and many French families settled there until the 1962 independence at the end of 8 years of a bloody colonial war.

Over one million of "pied-noirs", descendant of the French settlers, relocated to mainland France: such an sudden influx of population at the time was absorbed by the booming economy of the early 1960s. Repatriating Unionists to Britain nowadays would be much more challenging in a post-Brexit depressed economy.

by Bernard on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 at 09:43:40 PM EST
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Not to mention the fact that the Great Britain unionists are loyal to no longer exists in large swathes of the country.

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