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Israel must bear consequences of its Trump love affair | Ynet News |

After the mob stormed the Capitol last week, those in Jerusalem who identified so completely with the president and his values must now face the fallout of such adoration and their transformation of Israel into a wannabe GOP state.

As Donald Trump's popularity plummets, even his most skilled supporters have been unable to separate him and his conduct from the mob that attempted the takeover of the Capitol last week, intending to block the certification of the 2020 election results.

During Trump's term in office, Israel took on the form of a livid red Republican state with complete synergy between the White House and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who gladly welcomed the benevolence of the administration after eight years of Barak Obama.

Anyone questioning the wisdom of this close alliance was seen as unpatriotic and the Mideast peace deals embraced by Netanyahu were interpreted as a free pass to advance all of the prime minister's policies.

Israel was so filled with admiration for the American president that it even named a new community on the Golan Heights after him.

Trump's many supporters in Israel were not asked to cast a vote for him in any ballot. They, like tens of millions of conservative Americans accepted his control over the Republican party and its transformation into the epitome of Trumpism.

If the events that unfolded on Capitol Hill last week were shocking and heartbreaking, so should the love affair between Netanyahu and the outgoing president break all of our hearts.

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