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As early as the 1960s investigative journalism had reported cases of abuse in the adoption system.

Abuses in the adoption system | PhD Research Maastricht U. - 2019 |

Reprint following the decision of the Dutch minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker to immediately (8 February 2021) suspend the adoption of children from abroad. This decision was taken after the publication of a damning report on the system of so-called intercountry adoption in the Netherlands.


The practices for obtaining children for adoption are often downright criminal. "Children who aren't in need of adoption are abducted or purchased", Loibl explains. "They're taken from orphanages, where they were placed only temporarily by the biological parents. Or mothers are lied to: after giving birth they're shown a dead baby, while their healthy child disappears abroad. The illegally acquired children are then `laundered': their birth certificates and other documents required for adoption are forged. And the authorities in the countries concerned do too little to stop these abuses; there's just too much poverty and corruption."


In 1995, 55 countries signed the Hague Adoption Convention, which sets out ethical and legal standards and requirements to prevent illegal practices. This did not bring an end to the abuses in the adoption world. "It's hard for the home countries to meet these stringent standards", Loibl says. "And the checks performed in the receiving countries are inadequate. The authorities always claim the abuses only happened before 1995, but this research shows that they're continuing." There is hope, Klip says. "In the Netherlands, a special committee has been installed to investigate illegal adoptions in the 1970s and 80s." 

Ugly, modern abduction and slavery as it exists today with tolerance and a blind eye from authorities... how is this possible? I've had my 15 years of grievances and sorrow with judgements in Family Law concerning my grandson ... but this is so much worse. 🥲

by Oui on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 at 08:38:26 AM EST

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