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To acknowledge mistakes? And even have the gall to correct them? How quaint.

No wonder most of the Brit press is crowing about victory is this new Battle of Britain and sees their perceived upmanship as an opportunity to improve Brexit to the UK's advantage. What is there to negotiate now? Haven't we been there before?

We still have no clear or convincing explanation as to why AstraZeneca won't deliver doses from its UK facilities to the EU, in addition to the Belgium and NL ones, as allowed for in the contract.

We only know that Astra is UK headquartered and that the price paid by the UK government is higher than the one negotiated by the EU. In a tight supply situation, it makes perfect business sense to allocate your deliveries to the highest prices markets first (a similar situation does exist in the chip industry - I did work in that sector some years ago).

Again, all the above is just speculation at this point, and we'll probably not get any explanation for a long time, if we ever get one.

Your 2021-2026 UK-EU trade war scenario is looking eerily prescient.

by Bernard (bernard) on Sun Jan 31st, 2021 at 05:38:44 PM EST
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