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The EU that keeps on giving ... where's Michel Barnier?

EU vaccine row 'political penalty kick for unionists' | BBC News |

Whatever the sequencing and the hard conversation between Dublin and Brussels, political parties in Northern Ireland are already picking through the wreckage to salvage what they can.

For Sinn Féin, the SDLP and Alliance, it is all about damage limitation and ensuring Brussels has learned lessons from its costly political blunder.

But for the DUP and Ulster Unionists, it has supercharged their onslaught on the Northern Ireland protocol.

They can say that, at the first sign of trouble, Brussels effectively advocated for the same hard land border it had fought years to prevent.

It was a political penalty kick for unionists into an open goal.

Now the glass is broken they want London to push the same emergency Article 16 button.

Nationalism and the global SARS CoV-2 pandemic ... getting it wrong most of the time! From herd immunity to economic favors to failing to protect the frontline workers and vulnerable persons in society. Guardianship and responsibility in leadership.

Hoarding Covid-19 vaccines `keeps the pandemic burning', says WHO | Irish Times |

Have been following the spat closely all week ... some the anger growing. AstraZenica shipping doses vaccine from EU manufacturing and now cannot meet contract commitments to the EU. BoJo feeling fine for one more stab in the back of Brussels. A Trumpian act ...

Yet the commitment to provide vaccine to the EU was one part of the deal. The other part of the contract was for global supply of vaccine from the India manufacturing plant ... also with massive EU funding.

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