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24 hr UPDATE: 82 people have been arrested following the storming, illustrated
The U.S. Capitol Police said they had arrested 14 people suspected of involvement in the rioting, most charged with unlawful entry, while the [D.C.] Metropolitan Police Department made at least 68 arrests.
the initial numbers reported by Washington, D.C. police paled in comparison with the more than 300 arrested following the June 1 [?!] protests in Washington over the death of George Floyd, a Black man
13th consecutive day, 9 June, max 100K crowd
31 May, D.C. police chief thanks peaceful protesters, says 17 arrests were made, 11 officers hurt
4 June, DC police chief says there were zero arrests in city on Wednesday,"29 arrests Tuesday night and 288 Monday evening"
6 June
"If you are like me, on Monday, you saw something that you hoped you would never see in the United States of America: Federal police moving on American people, peacefully protesting in front of the ["]People's House["]," Bowser said.
Aug-Dec, police records become exceedingly murky as MAGA-BLM "clashes" escalate arrests, casualties, resentment and prayer circles bleeding into press.

Now, I'm truly well and irked by whiney Capitol press, cloaking congressional staff in an $11B BLM IPO masquerading as the one and only legislative lobby to real black electorate, captured by Biden Dems's southern "strategy".

by Cat on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 at 11:16:41 PM EST
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