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What happened in Washington can happen in Israel too | Ynet News |

The violent mob and its attack on the United States Congress  was the direct result of a union between a populist president suffering from a sever personality disorder and tens of thousands of angry followers who like him believe their country was stolen from them.

But what made this union so explosive was the use of social media, spreading incitement, fake news and conspiracy theories at the speed of light.

These platforms allowed the inciter-in-chief to mobilize the mob, calling them to descend on Washington, to then rile them up and point them, with impeccable timing towards the Capitol so they would stop the certification of the votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

This digital monster, which does not differentiate good from evil and truth from lies, has risen up against its creators.

Other than outgoing President Donald Trump and the violent thugs who rioted in his name, the blame must be directed at the leaders of the Republican Party.

They could read the writing on the wall that showed Trump was losing his grip on reality. They knew how dangerous he was, but did nothing to stop him.

by Oui on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 at 06:13:14 PM EST
The internet is broken. "I don't have permission to access video on this server".

How I will miss not seeing Ted Cruz justify the unjustifiable...

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