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State Department's "dissent channel," diplomats sent letter to Pompeo

US State Department - These Are Epochal Times 😊 Jan. 5, 2021

SECRETARY POMPEO:  Goodness.  That's a complicated question.  You go back all the way to Tiananmen Square.  We've known the nature of this regime.  And frankly freedom loving people across the world have known the nature of authoritarian regimes throughout history and yet we ignored it.  We ignored it in part because we had a foreign policy establishment that believed deeply that if we traded enough stuff with them, if we engaged with them, that the - some of the CCP would engage at least externally in the world on a fair and reciprocal basis.  And that was - that was patently false all the way through.

And yet the resistance from lots of quarters was enormous for a host of reasons, some of the economic; some of them just - truly people who thought they could get to a better place.  It's clear not true.  President Trump recognized that when he began his campaign and then when he took office.  We've now changed fundamentally how I think the West looks at China, not just the United States.  Even when you look at Europe, Australia, and South East Asia, they know too.  They know that the CCP is up to no good.

... I think they saw the nature of the regime up close all across the world.  And I've seen it.  I've seen it in polling data, but more importantly as I have traveled the world and spoken with people.  I think they understand the nature of this regime in ways that they didn't three, four, or five years ago.  I think we are in part responsible for that.  But no one's going back.  No human being who can see - whether they're in Saudi Arabia or Brazil or Philppines, no one's going to go ever acknowledge again that the Grand Old Party isn't up to no good.  They see it.  They see it plainly ...

😄 hmmm ... wonder what nation Pompeo is talking about!

by Oui on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 at 02:44:09 PM EST

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