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In the same "No, this is very much who we are" vein:

Wake Up, America. This Is Who We Are.

To believe that this is "not who we are" -- that our country has always respected democratic (small-d) processes and election outcomes -- one has to erase the first eight decades of the American experiment, when most African Americans were held as property and very few free Black people in the North were permitted to vote. One also has to discount the years between 1876 (at a minimum) and 1965, when in at least one-third of the country, people of color were violently forbidden to exercise the franchise. Women were uniformly denied the vote prior to 1920, of course.

But this is no longer a Southern problem. It is a national problem.

You can't have a democracy if only one party adheres to its principles and norms and the other party opts out of the rules. We don't need to look to other countries to know this is true. We only need to dust off an American history book to understand how high we've climbed, but also how low -- and how quickly -- we can fall.
by Bernard on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 at 11:52:35 AM EST

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