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Yes, the Hispanic vote is hardly monolithic. After I posted the comment I realized that I should have also discussed the Rio Grande Valley where there is a split between those who don't want a wall on their property  and who do want freer access to Mexico for shopping and for visiting family and those Hispanics who resent illegals and fear inundation by an open border. I believe that the right candidates can finesse this dilemma with a compromise: no wall but also no free immigration and no demonization of Hispanic immigrants.

But there are also age differences in the views of Hispanics on these issues, with second and third generation younger Hispanics having much more nuanced veiws. This dynamic also favors the views of the young over time. The same is true for other ethnicities. Time may be on our side. A lot depends on how successful Biden and Congress can be between now and 2022.

I full well recognize that Biden is far more centrist than what we really need, but he is what we have and, to his credit, he realizes that a lot of progressive goals have to be implemented, not out of ideology, but because that is what the times and circumstances require. If Biden can manage to extend medical insurance coverage to more residents it does not matter that his approach will cost significantly more than would Medicare for All. It would help if more doctors, nurses and other medical professionals were available and that can and should be addressed. The need for a single payer can be addressed by his successor, if that be a Democrat.

A similar logic applies to cutting back on military expenditures - which MUST NOT be viewed as 'saving the taxpayers money', because, if those savings are not applied to other areas they will be contractionary and will lead to another recession. Overall spending by the government MUST go up. A good compromise might involve shifting money from acquisition of obsolete hardware to  further research via DARPA and increased government support to university research. It would also help to shift much of the development to newer, more innovative and efficient companies and cut back spending via Boeing, Martin Marietta, Raytheon, etc.  

The two most vital tasks are dealing effectively with the pandemic and getting the economy growing at a three percent or greater rate per year. That will end the oppressive burden of austerity which is driving so many to extremism.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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Some thoughts on diversifying military expenditure:

  1. Make veterans facilities available to Medicare recipients where civil facilities are lacking and staff up accordingly.

  2. Declare drug dependency a national emergency and use military facilities and staff to provide treatment centres

  3. Declare US's lack of renewable energy self-sufficiency a national security emergency and mandate the military to address it by building wind and solar farms on their lands were suitable and by/lease other lands as required using military resources and skills.

  4. Declare the US's infrastructure deficit a national emergency and use military resources/skills to project manage remedial projects in cooperation with local communities/contractors.

  5. Declare a climate change emergency and use military resources to project manage defensive infrastructural projects like sea wall, irrigation projects, flood plain management systems etc.

  6. Promote hurricane/storm/earthquake resistant building standards and energy positive housing and office building standards at all military facilities to promote security and resilience and reduce carbon footprints to zero or positive where possible.

Basically use military budgets to promote positive peacetime public goods and to set standards for innovation in solar, wind, working and shelter building standards...

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 04:52:59 PM EST
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The US Navy just released a new strategy document. Basically the plan is to gear up for re-fighting some combination of WW2 and the Cold War.
by asdf on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 at 08:20:21 PM EST
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Generals and Admirals are always trying to re- fight the last war What I am proposing requires civilian (and Presidential) leadership. Re-assign 10% of military budgets to the purposes I propose. After that declare it's use it or lose it...

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