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The `MAGA' Civil War has Begun - CJ Werleman - Byline Times
"To me, current conditions feel disturbingly similar to things I have seen in Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Cambodia," observes Dr David Kilcullen, a former soldier and diplomat who is widely considered the world's leading expert on counter-insurgency strategy.

He does not foresee a re-run of the American Civil War but rather "something more diffuse" and akin to the decades-long amorphous conflict that ravaged Colombia from 1948 to 1958

... To this end, Dr Kilcullen's comparison with 1950s Columbia looms large.

He notes: "Starting as rioting in Bogota - driven by pre-existing urban-rural, left-right, class and racial divisions - violence spread to the countryside as the two main political parties... mobilised rural supporters to attack each other's communities. Local governments weaponised police to kill or expel political opponents. Extremists joined in and `conflict entrepreneurs' emerged to prolong and profit from the violence."

Schengen is toast!
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