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Frank, last Friday:
Indeed his approval ratings have rarely slipped below 40%, and currently stand at 42.4%.

Well, no longer, it seems:

Biden Begins Presidency With Positive Ratings; Trump Departs With Lowest-Ever Job Mark - Pew Research Center

Trump's job approval drops sharply, almost entirely among Republicans

Trump job approval has fallen sharply since August. Throughout most of his presidency, Trump's job rating remained more stable than those of his predecessors; it never surpassed 45% or dipped below 36%. But his job approval now stands at just 29%, down 9 percentage points since August and the lowest of his presidency. Much of the decline has come among Republicans and GOP leaners:  Currently, 60% approve of his job performance; 77% approved in August.

by Bernard on Fri Jan 15th, 2021 at 06:02:57 PM EST
The 538 weighted average of polls currently has him at 38.1% - obviously a big drop in the space of a week - and it will probably continue to head south. Rasmussen has him at 48% approval, and Pew and 29%, so you can guess who is telling porkies...

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