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There's plenty of historical examples of well organised minorities in cahoots with elites overthrowing the will of majorities and creating "facts on the ground" which make a return to majority rule difficult or impossible without major war or catastrophe. In that context 74 Million is actually quite an impressively sized minority, regardless of population growth.

Basically Trump convinced these 74 Million he would rule in their interests and ensure the other 81 Million would never get their hands on the levers of power. He did this by frightening them that liberal elites, who weren't their elites, would destroy their way of life.

The fact that he is the most unlikely champion of the underdog imaginable is actually par for the course. After all Hitler was most probably part-Jew. Trump presenting himself as the champion of ordinary Americans may be a case of the most extreme over-compensation, but it is common enough in history. Look at the "man of the people" Boris Johnson.

No doubt Franco and his followers also convinced themselves they were overthrowing an oppressive government in the name of real Spaniards and Spanish values. Tyranny is always what the other side do. The key to maintaining power is to maintain divisions at a fever pitch, so that the method that favours your group - violence rather than democratic elections - becomes the dominant method.

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