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Northern Ireland Protocol problems 'need to be resolved by autumn' | BBC News |

Horizon membership

He also told MPs that the EU still had not ratified the UK's associate membership of Horizon, the science funding scheme.

Lord Frost said the government was "getting quite concerned about this" and that it raised "questions of good faith".

"It was agreed at the end of last year that we would be able to participate in Horizon/Copernicus and so on and the only reason it wasn't finalised fully at the time was because the EU had not put in place its own legislation," he said.

"So we were waiting for that to happen and it has now happened and there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be fully part of Horizon and indeed the EU has put in place these arrangements for Norway, for Iceland and for the Ukraine."

"It obviously would be a breach of the treaty if the EU doesn't deliver on this obligation."

EU Horizon approval delays hurting British research and business

The European Scrutiny Committee Brexit Divorce Bill Report reveals that UK businesses and research institutions will face increasing opportunity costs while they are frozen out of new projects. EU approval for the UK's participation is tied to the outcome of Northern Ireland Protocol negotiations, according to EU research commissioner Mariya Gabriel. Negotiations on the operation of the Protocol began earlier this month.

In December, the European Union provisionally agreed to the UK participating in its new research programmes, notably the flagship "Horizon Europe" research fund and the Copernicus earth observation programme, in return for a proportional contribution to the programme's funding. However, the protocols in the Agreement enabling UK entities to bid for funding have yet to be approved by the EU.

European Court of Justice 'not the only NI Protocol problem'

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