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Covid hospital total passes 700 to tie 11-week high; Another 5,700 infection

The number of Covid-19 patients being treated in Dutch hospitals rose for the 15th consecutive day, figures from the LCPS showed. The patient total stood at 703 on Saturday afternoon, tying the current 80-day high set on August 16, after increasing by one percent since Friday.

The patient total increased 29 percent in one week. A similar hike would bring the patient tally above 900 for the first time since the late July peak caused by the fourth wave of infections.

The growing pressure in the healthcare sector prompted several hospital leaders to call upon the Cabinet to quickly address the problem, though sources close to the Cabinet said on Friday they have no plans to intervene at this time. The situation could also lead local governments to create their own restrictions, said Ernst Kuipers, a leader in intensive care and the head of the Erasmus Medical Center.

There were 179 people with the coronavirus disease in intensive care on Saturday. That figure increased by five in a day, bringing the ICU total to its highest point in over a month. Another 524 patients were in regular care wards, the same as on Friday.

Late intervention by caretaker cabinet of Mark Rutte may lead to increased risk of more rigorous measures including lockdowns ... Dutch OMT (SAGE in England) scientists urge citizens to be wise and take easy measures themselves such as face masks and social distancing ... don't wait for conservative and anti-mask idiots like Mark! 😷

Kuipers: Imposing lockdowns at the local level "may be necessary" to combat the coronavirus pandemic

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