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I can well believe that.  In 2005, I was an unemployed software engineer.  A cousin in the education business (Catholic School Principal) put me in contact with people in my own public school district. I told them (truthfully) that I could teach any High school Math or Physics class, they were excited. When I offered to teach an enrichment class on general computer programming, or the C Programming Language or 8086 Assembly Language they were enraptured. They offered me $17,000 a year providing that I sign up for classes in General Education classes. That was one fifth of my former salary, not even enough to pay my mortgage on what i assure you is not a mansion (1990 tract house).

Then I was called for jury duty in Chicago. The daily stipend paid the train fare and we were fed (breakfast and lunch, both plentiful and tasty). One of the jurors was a young lady, a new teacher. I told her of the ridiculous $17K offer and she looked at me funny. The next morning I overheard an older lady talking to her. "Did that job come through, dear? How much was it? Thirteen thousand?"   We keep reading about Republicans railing about teachers making $160K but beginning wages are less than minimum wage. Ridiculous!

by StillInTheWilderness on Sun Oct 31st, 2021 at 02:24:28 PM EST
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