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A high property tax on more than two homes owned by any single person or corporation would quickly remedy the situation. Might be easier to implement than a vacancy tax. How is vacancy to be established?

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Here you have to have a primary residency. I'd just put a tax on every address that has no primary residency registered.
by generic on Thu Oct 28th, 2021 at 04:57:36 AM EST
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Right after the WWII when there was a huge housing scarcity in Finland due to bomb damage and refugees, the government established a "room per person"-rule as a quick solution. Every municipality had a board tasked with locating houses and apartments with more rooms than dwellers, and those extra rooms were then assigned to lodgers.

Naturally there was corruption and shenanigans, but nevertheless it made every layer of the society a stakeholder on the issue and by the end of 40's a huge communal housing construction boom was on the way.

Might explain the current Finnish policy, too. Finns learn at school that homelessness has a very simple solution: give people homes.

by pelgus on Thu Oct 28th, 2021 at 07:25:02 AM EST
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Every landlord is supposed to be registered and have tenancy agreements for his properties established and is liable for income tax for any rent received less allowable expenses. Thus vacancy for rental properties could be established by the lack of rental income.  If the landlord fraudulently claims non-existent rental income, he becomes liable for income tax on it. So he either pays the vacant property tax or income tax.

For non rental properties, occupation could be established by payment of electricity and other utility bills. Vacant properties tend not to use much electricity or heating oil etc. Of course some rules would have to be established, e.g. a property would have to be vacant for at least 3 months before it became liable. This would allow time for landlords to find new tenants if one left, or for renovations to be carried out while the houses was uninhabitable.

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