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World reacts to omicron much faster than previous variants; it could be in US UNDETECTED, experts say
WITHIN DAYS OF ITS DISCOVERY ...The reaction is happening weeks faster than the world's sluggish response to the delta variant. By the time delta was named a "variant of concern" by the World Health Organization in May 2021 [BWAH!], it had already spread in India FOR MONTHS and had been seeded across the globe."

archived moo
Wed Apr 15th, 2020
April 2020 estimated as a range in Crunching the covid-19 numbers
Fri Dec 25th, 2020
"Mutated coronavirus variant from South Africa found in UK"
Wed Jun 9th, 2021
"CDC 'This page will no longer be updated after April 12, 2021'; 'estimated biweekly proportions of the most common SARS-CoV-2 lineages, a/o 5/22/21'
Thu Jul 29th, 2021
"wut 'breakthrough vaccine cases?"

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South African Medical Association Says Omicron Variant Causes 'Mild Disease', P.*->B.* transcription errors, superstition
"It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home", Coetzee said

The official noted that hospitals have not been overburdened by Omicron patients and that the new strain has not been detected in vaccinated persons. At the same time, the situation might be different for unvaccinated individuals.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday indentified the new South African strain as one of concern, as it is reported to carry a high number of mutations -- 32 -- which possibly makes it more transmissible and dangerous. The WHO has dubbed it Omicron, the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet.

archived CHINA LIES

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alpha, beta and B.-*, delta, C 1.2, and "other" chart prOn
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The only unit of measurement that matters to First World
Stocks sink on NEW! NOVEL! Covid variant; Dow loses 950 points
for < checks watch > 72 hours
archived Mon Jan 27th, 2020 "alrighty. Now, we're cooking with CONTAGION."
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horse, barn door on TheHill.com

Saudi Arabia to LOOSEN travel restrictions following discovery of omicron variant
"as long as they have one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, Reuters reported. Travelers will still have to quarantine for three days, however."
Germany, Italy join list of countries with detected cases of omicron COVID-19, FKA B.1.1.529 FKA C.1.2 FKA P.1 "branch off the B.1.1.28" FK B.1.351, May 2020
"SCIENTISTS and others have warned against 'knee-jerk' reactions to countries reporting new emerging variants. Some are concerned that nations such as South Africa are being punished for being TRANSPARENT about what they are detecting."
61 COVID-19 cases found on flight from South Africa to Netherlands amid screening for new variant
"The positive cases found on both flights are reportedly being analyzed by the [US] National Institutes for Health [NIH]."
< wipes tears >

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Tests of passengers at Schiphol Airport is responsibility of GGD Kennemerland.

The positive test samples were send by courier during the night to Erasmus MC in Rotterdam for genomic sequencing tests. Dutch national authority RIVM will announce the results on Sunday.

US NIH?? No way ... would not be trusted with privacy of citizens and/or visitors.

'Sapere aude'

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OMICRON COVID Strain, PANDEMIC Reservoirs of Destruction as it happens!

4 min ago:
Fauci: Omicron COVID variant lineage Strain 'Clearly Giving an Indication It Can Spread Rapidly'
2 hrs ago: Denmark Confirms Two Omicron Strain Cases in Travellers From South Africa
3 hrs ago:
Netherlands Reports 13 Omicron Coronavirus Cases
South Korea Limits Visas, Travel From 8 African Countries Over Omicron Variant, Reports Say
4 hrs ago:
South Africa Has Fewer Than 100 Omicron Cases
Health Minister: Omicron is Likely Already in France, But No Cases Officially Detected Yet
7 hrs ago:
Saudi Arabia Suspends Flights to 7 More African Countries
France Extends Travel Ban for Southern[?] African Countries Until 1 December
8 hrs ago:
Australia Registers Its Two First Cases of Omicron Variant
Germany Reports Over 44,000 NEW! Coronavirus Cases
9 hrs ago:
India Confirms 8,774 NEW! COVID-19 Cases

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[SARS-CoV-2] Omicron: Here's where the new variant has been detected so far in Europe, quarantines of unspecified durations
EU member states on Friday closed their borders to travellers [holding unspecified passports] from seven S southern African countries -- Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe -- because of the variant.
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Fauci told CBS's "Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan.
"Which, you know, in typical fashion, I think trying to make sure that things don't get pointed to them, they probably got rid of the animals that were the intermediary hosts there," said Fauci, stressing this possibility as a reason why further cooperation from China on surveillance in live animal markets is needed.
Fauci told "Meet The Press" omicron variant might 'evade immune protection'
"Whether or not we're headed into a bleak or bleaker winter is really going to depend upon what we do ... So this is a clarion call as far as I'm concerned of saying let's put aside all of these differences that we have and say, 'if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. If you're fully vaccinated, get boosted, and get the children vaccinated also.'
Fauci told "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos omicron variant will 'inevitably' reach the U.S.
"The preparation that we have ongoing, for what we're doing now with the Delta variant, just needs to be revved up." And a huge part of that preparation lies in our vaccination and booster efforts, he said.
Francis Collins told "Fox News"
"If you've raised antibodies against [COVID-19] from previously being infected or from being vaccinated, the question is, will those antibodies still stick to this version of the spike protein, or will they evade that protection? We need to find that out, to be honest, though that's gonna take two, three weeks [!] in both laboratory and field studies to figure out the answer. And that's what all of us as scientists want to know," said Collins.
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USAToday: "The [']omicron['] variant [FKA 'beta'] first discovered in South Africa last week is likely to quickly spread around the globe, possibly with 'severe consequences,' the World Health Organization warned Monday Sunday
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Pfizer and Moderna set to adapt to Omicron COVID variant
Pfizer[-]BioNTech said that, if necessary, they expect to be able to ship [!] a new vaccine tailored to the highly contagious variant, first detected in South Africa, in about 100 [?!] days.

BioNTech added Friday it expects to review more data on OMICRON within two weeks to help decide whether the two jab-vaccine should be reworked.
"A booster dose of an authorized vaccine represents THE ONLY currently available strategy for boosting waning immunity," Moderna said in the statement.

Johnson & Johnson said it too is closely monitoring emerging strains of COVID-19 and is testing the effectiveness of its single-shot jab against the new variant.

Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group which developed the AstraZeneca vaccine used overseas, expressed cautious optimism that existing vaccines could be effective at preventing serious disease from the omicron variant.

He said most mutations appear to be in similar [binding] regions as those in other variants.

NEW! Gundry, "Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning", Circulation. 8 Nov 2021
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