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Damian Aspinall, the casino owner and socialite, is the son of the charity's founder and its board of trustees includes Ben Goldsmith, the brother of government minister Zac Goldsmith, who is a friend of Carrie Johnson and the prime minister.

It solicits donations directly from the public, employing a team of fundraisers for the purpose, as well as running a fundraising lottery and asking for animals to be sponsored.

The chairman's wife, Victoria Aspinall, had previously been paid £12,500 for interior design services in 2019, but her fees went up by more than tenfold in 2020 to a sum equivalent to 10% of donations taken that year. The charity also has large reserves in cash, property and fine art.

In its accounts, the Aspinall Foundation said the transaction was "at arms length" and added that the fees charged by Victoria Aspinall were "subject to a rigorous benchmarking exercise to ensure the foundation received value for money".

The charity also paid £124,231 for accountancy work undertaken by Alvarium, a company of which another trustee, Charles Filmer, was a director.

In 2020 the foundation's trustees, Damian Aspinall, Filmer, Robin Birley and Ben Goldsmith, secured a coronavirus business interruption loan of £2m, interest free for the first year. This was passed on in the form of a loan to the Howletts Wild Animal Trust.

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Zac Goldsmith's luxury Costa del Sol villa - where Boris Johnson holidayed last month - has been linked to a multi-million pound tax evasion probe

According to Spanish court papers, the Torre Tramores estate near Marbella is linked to two of the Goldsmith family's property businesses, which were ordered to pay €24m (£20m) in unpaid taxes and fines.  

The tax authority could now legally seize parts of the family's land - consisting of more than 600 hectares of private woodland in Benahavis, 10 miles from the Marbella coastline - if they don't pay up.  

But a lawyer for the one of the companies told the Guardian that the dispute stems from a land valuation error, dubbing the case as `extremely hard to understand', while Ben Goldsmith, Zac's brother, said the whole affair should serve as a 'warning for Brits thinking of owning a property in Spain.' 

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Zac Goldsmith, el 'tory' inglés que se relaja en la sierra malagueña | El Mundo - Mayo 16, 2015 |

    Los que vaticinaban su derrota decían que David Cameron (48) era demasiado pijo para conectar con la clase media británica. Se equivocaron. Pero, para pijo, su compañero de colegio en Eton: Zac Goldsmith (40), guapo, ecologista y conservador, casado en segundas con una Rothschild, hermano de Jemima Khan -íntima de Lady Di, ex de Hugh Grant- e hijo de Lady Annabel, cuyo nombre fue la razón de ser del Annabels, el club más exclusivo de Londres durante décadas y de Jimmy Goldsmith, el financiero judío que quería sacar a Gran Bretaña de Europa con un referéndum. Como pretenden que pase en 2016.

Boris Johnson simply showing gratitude for Brexit ...

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