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Dr Angelique Coetzee noticed otherwise healthy patients showing unusual symptoms and worries how the new variant might hurt the elderly

South African scientists say omicron is behind an explosion of cases in the country's Gauteng province, which is home to the country's commercial capital Johannesburg and Pretoria. Cases have rocketed up from about 550 a day last week to almost 4,000 a day currently.

'The world has lost control': from Johannesburg to Jakarta, delta variant wreaks havoc | The Telegraph - June 2021 |

The continent's most industrialised nation has been hit harder by Covid-19 than any other country and official figures show just over 89,000 people have died of the disease since the start of the pandemic.

But excess deaths are thought to be far higher than in many European countries. South Africa has seen more than 226,000 excess deaths since May 2020, according to analysis by the Economist newspaper.

Most infections in South Africa have been in Gauteng, a largely urban province that is home to the city of Johannesburg and represents a quarter of SA population.

Vaccine hesitancy is emerging as a big problem in South Africa and Prof Myers said religious leaders need to be engaged. 

"There needs to be some policy approach to try to motivate religious leaders ... who really have the best interests of their congregants at heart, to engage with the other religious leaders, of whom there are many, who have an anti-vax orientation.

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