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Virologist Marc Van Ranst: 'This is the most difficult period' | NRC News |

Marc Van Ranst The best-known virologist in Belgium is concerned about the polarization caused by the corona pandemic. "Rocket launchers, that was not planned."

He is the best known and most outspoken virologist in Belgium. Professor in Leuven, member of the expert group that advises the Belgian government, and daily in the media to explain the corona measures. And to firmly fight against disinformation. Marc Van Ranst (56) is acclaimed but also threatened, and this spring even went into hiding with his family for over a month because he was threatened with death by the extreme right-wing Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings. And this week was the referred lawsuit that corona skeptic and Virus Truth foreman Willem Engel brought against him for defamation, including because he called him "virus denier" and "conman".

Let's understand each other well: if people keep looking for loopholes and excuses, or cheat by forging or passing on corona passes, or by not checking the corona pass, or by ignoring too high CO2 levels, then only 1 remains. option: lock down.

From the start of the pandemic until now, 23,343,172 corona tests have been performed in Belgium. On average exactly 2.00 tests per Belgian. In comparison ...
Netherlands: 1.17
France: 2.31
Germany: 0.97
UK: 5.14
Austria: 11.66

by Oui on Mon Nov 22nd, 2021 at 03:51:22 PM EST

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