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Congo declares end [again] to latest Ebola outbreak in the east
Research has shown that the first case from the latest outbreak "likely represented a new flare-up of the 2018-2020 Ebola outbreak due persistence of the virus in the community," WHO said Thursday.

Scientists have previously documented Ebola survivors who inadvertently [?!] infected others long after they had recovered. For example, health officials have warned that the virus can persist in male survivors' semen for more than a year.
While the 2018-2020 pandemic [sic] marked the first time that vaccines could be given to those at risk, insecurity in rural areas prevented health workers from safely accessing many.

Not contained, new cases: three questions on vaccines and the Ebola outbreak in DRC, 2019
Right now, "ring" vaccination is being used. This entails vaccinating anyone who's been in contact with someone infected with Ebola, as well as all of their contacts. The reasoning behind the method isn't bad per se. But implementing it is time-consuming and challenging (problems with identifying each and every person's individual contacts) and it's not adapted to the insecurity affecting North Kivu.

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