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The Dutch were late-later-latest in the EU-26 to start the booster vaccine program ...

Today the ministers and the OMT scientists state they won't look back, but ahead what needs to be done to mitigate the new variant no one had expected ...:taken by surprise ... Mark Rutte and Health Minister De Jong "go by the science" and specifically "monitor neighboring countries."

A very compliant main stream media, especially the nitwits of editorial teams of television channels offer no arguments to defy the caretaker cabinet. No leadership and deficient in taking courageous

One member of the OMT team argued they followed the modeling of cases, hospitalization and ICU occupancy. Science and politicians have been too optimistic and the virus mutations changed their plans. The budget for 2022 was written with the expectation the pandemic would have ended.

The scientist was aware the input for the modeling was based on inputs which were largely assumptions. No one is 100% correct ...

Indeed, the Dutch defying all odds and end at the bottom of the heap. Math, probability and stats is not on everyone's curriculum. Sometimes it appears simple math is lacking in new generations and all needs to be presented in ready to consume conclusions. Critical thinking is not part of Dutch politicians and media.

Netherlands to enter 4-week lockdown from Sunday: Source

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