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Dutch Cooperation Made an 'Intelligent Lockdown' a Success | Bloomberg - June 5, 2020 |

Dutch Christmas Shopping Ends As Lockdown Returns

Dutch shopkeepers say Christmas lockdown has left them `broken' | The Guardian |

In a devastating blow to many Christmas plans, households are allowed only four visitors a day on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 31 January and New Year's Day. Two visitors are permitted on other days.

The announcement on Saturday night by the prime minister, Mark Rutte, who had described the lockdown as "unavoidable" due to the wave of the Omicron Covid variant "bearing down", came ahead of what would be the biggest sales week for many shops.

Across Europe, governments are contemplating tougher restrictions in the light of the spread of the Omicron Covid variant, including in Italy.

In Belgium, where thousands of protesters demonstrated in central Brussels on Sunday for a third time against further restrictions, Christie Morreale, the minister for health in the Walloon region of Belgium, could only say a further lockdown was "not on the table for the government at this stage".

No leadership, poor decision making, slow implementation and execution, a long two year mess by Mark Rutte & Co. ... lockdown could have been avoided. This really hurts the middle class of The Netherlands.

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