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Mayo, common ACE inhibtors

Mayo, common Angiotnsin 2 receptor blockers (ABRs) a/k/a angiotensin II inhibitors

Age is not "the marker" of adverse outcome of COVID-19 disease.

ACE I and ACE2 represent elemental catalysts in every human cell regardless of age.

Comorbidity d/b/a degenerative diseases, or "pre-existing conditions", is the marker-concerning secondary conditions derived from a smorgasbord of mRNA drugs d/b/a "disease modifying" therapies, or "biologics," prescribed sales staff to disrupt immune system processes and hormonal regulation associated with this one enzyme modified by SARS RNA transcription within cells.

Academic controversy (notably unsupported by trial results involving human subjects captured by commonly prescribed ACE-modifying reactions) have acknowledged, pharmacology can neither control nor predict how those (ACE-receptor) drugs intercept, counter-indicate, or interdict dominant SARS-CoV-2 "vaccines" designed to bind this one, specific receptor region...

without regard to cascading adverse reactions (documented pathology) resulting in hospitalization, morbidity, and predictable death.

AFICT, the controversial T- and B-cell leucocyte "memory" power, arising from FAILED HIV/AID cocktail marketing confirms one fact: mRNA designers have no idea what they're dealing with. They can't even express  rational hypotheses pursuant to predictable viral "neutralization" by "cocktail" prescription.

by Cat on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 at 06:36:54 PM EST
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