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Not Only Blood. The Need to Integrate Psychological Operations in the West's Military Culture | Sept. 2019 |

In this article, war is understood through a Clausewitzian lens, that is to say, `a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means', and `an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will'. Wars `must vary with the nature of their motives and of the situations which gave rise to them: this is warfare. Finally, we use a strategic approach to study the utility of PSYOPS and the implications of a redevelopment of such capacities. Following John Stone, strategy is `the instrumental link between military means and political ends'.

PSYOPS: their use, their strengths and their limits

From psychological warfare (PSYWAR) to PSYOPS, along Military Influence Operations, PSYOPS have been known under different names throughout the years. However, this has rarely impacted what such actions entailed, apart for the French distinction between psychological actions directed at their own troops, populations and allies; and psychological warfare directed at their enemies.

That is the problem, expanded during the Obama years, propaganda and a war footing has become the new normal.

Apple Pie Propaganda? The Smith-Mundt Act Before and After the Repeal of the Domestic Dissemination Ban

In addition ...

With Samantha Power entered Cass Sunstein into the realms of the White House and his behavioral science to "nudge" public opinion and acceptance of government policies.

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