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Russia conducts space-based anti-satellite weapons test | US Space Command - July 23, 2020 |

It's much easier to attack and destroy satellites ... what will US Space Invaders hope to gain with an aggressive policy without the intention to reach a treaty and peaceful, defensive use of earth's orbit.

President Donald Trump signs the National Defense Authorization Act, which establishes the Space Force

It continues the trend of increasing Air Force Space Command budgets, for unclassified programs, of last year and this year: the unclassified programs in the budget includes $8.5 billion for investments in new systems. Over the next five years, the Air Force projects to invest $44.3 billion in those space systems.

Additionally, because of how shrouded in secrecy the Air Force Space Command is, there are classified programs not discussed like those unclassified ones. The industry just says that classified  or "black" spending is increasing. Earlier this year, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy John Rood told Congress that a total of $12.5 billion is in the president's 2019 budget request "to take steps to establish a more resilient, defendable space architecture." A DoD spokesman did not respond to press questions, at the time, on what is included in the $12.5 billion figure.

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