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Geez ... Europe is under attack by Belarus motivated by the Soviet Union Russia ..

Poland slams EU 'aggression' as Europe mulls daily fines over justice reforms

Schengen, Solidarity and Four Freedoms ...

The EU has half a billion people, and needs immigrants to sustain its ageing population as birth rates decline.

But the irregular arrivals of 2015-16 stretched social and security systems, fed anti-immigrant sentiment and triggered feuds between member countries on how to provide for them.

Hawks including Poland and Hungary reject Muslim refugees as a threat to their historically Christian culture, and the issue of immigration became highly political.

The Poles are dying to get in

Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Romania complicit for helping CIA in rendition, detention and torture of AQ prisoners

by Oui on Mon Nov 22nd, 2021 at 02:01:16 PM EST

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