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Difficult choice for Sweden .. focus media attention on invasion of British fisheries or the Red Army invading Europe.

Stoltenberg is ... clear sighted about the Russian bear!

Nato varnar Ryssland för ny militär rustning vid Ukrainas gränser | SVT Nyheter |

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg once again warns Russia of military build-up on Ukraine's border. In a short time, 100,000 Russian soldiers are said to have been mobilized, while the United States sent 80 tons of ammunition to Ukraine this weekend.

Russian mobilization near Ukraine's borders has created new fears of attacks. Moscow has dismissed all such allegations and denounced the military activity of NATO countries near Russia's borders in the Baltics, the Black Sea and the Balkans.

Democracy on the move ...

Re: Brexit is pretty much gone as a topic on Swedish papers

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Andersson historisk - valdes och avgick samma dag

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