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Galician Jews Being Terrorized by Fierce Pogroms, Says Report | JTA - 1934 |

The Jewish population of East Galicia in Poland is being terrorized by their Ukrainian neighbors in a manner that is reminiscent of the pogrom period of Bogdan Chmelnitzki, a special correspondent of the London Jewish Chronicle reported. There are 586,000 Jews in East Galicia and 76,000 of them reside in villages. They have been engaged in agriculture since the seventeenth century. Many combine farming and shopkeeping.

These Jewish farmers are now the target of a most violent hatred and outrages, while the Polish authorities do nothing to prevent further attacks, the correspondent stated. Jewish houses are often set on fire while Ukrainian neighbors stand by and jeer at the Jewish efforts to extinguish the blazes. Sometimes Jewish houses are set on fire with the doors bolted from the outside and all those in the houses perish, the Chronicle correspondent reported.

In the districts of Lemberg. Stanislawow and Tarnapol, hardly a Jewish house is left standing where the windows were not broken by bands of organized hooligans, who make this act the first warning for the Jews to leave their farms. When the warning is not heeded, incendiary bullets, which cause fires, are shot into the houses and cause the death of the Jewish families.

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