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FDA makes abortion pills permanently available through mail and ["]telehealth["] by removing in-person restriction clinical examination
The FDA had temporarily allowed the medication to be available in such methods after a federal judge ordered it due to the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about virus exposure in health care settings. Now, the agency says it will leave those new policies in place - a key move by the Biden administration as the Supreme Court considers monumental cases that could limit abortion rights across the country.

The FDA, which first approved medical[sic] abortion in 2000, had always required the pills could only be prescribed after an in-person visit with a doctor physician. Women who are up to 10 weeks pregnant could received the medication.

Who is a "health provider"?
An analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit research institute focused on health care, found that only [state] licensed physicians can prescribe abortion medication in 33 states as opposed to advanced practice clinicians such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or nurse-midwives.
Mail-order abortions are now available in the U.S. What does that mean for American [menstruating persons]?, Oct 2018: chemical abortion, Plan C, WHO.int, and Aid Access (NL)

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Krammick, "RU 486 and the Politics of Drug Regulation in the United States and France". Cornell International Law Journal. 1992
The drug's French manufacturer, Roussel-Uclaff, has stated that it has no current plans to apply to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a license to market the drug in the United States. 14 The reasons for the French company's refusal to market the drug in the United States, however, extend beyond the threat of boycotts.

This Note will focus on the political, legal, and regulatory dynamics underlying the contrasting stories of the availability of RU 486 in France and its non-availability in the United States. This Note suggests that the crucial difference in the two pictures is that the French government through active governmental intervention in the pharmaceutical market has insulated the issue of drug availability and public health from political and religious views on abortion, whereas the U.S. government has not....

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