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'Grandpa' Draghi Sees Italy as Stable Even If He's Not Prime Minister

  • He said Italy has fulfilled all the commitments it had undertaken to receive its initial share of EU post-pandemic funding.
  • There is no need for now to revise down growth forecasts on account of the spread of the omicron variant but the government is ready to step in to support the economy if needed.
  • He said big energy producers that are making "fantastic profits" from current high prices must play their part in helping families hit by the crunch.
  • He warned that the EU must continue engaging with Russia as it has no tools, economic or otherwise, to deter it while the NATO alliance has shown it has "different strategic priorities, centered on the indo-pacific quadrant." < wipes tears >
  • As it evaluates the future of phone carrier Telecom Italia SpA, the government's priorities are protecting "jobs, infrastructure --meaning the network -- and technology."
Italy's Draghi Says Europe Has No Capabilities to Impose Sanctions on Russia in Gas Field
by Cat on Wed Dec 22nd, 2021 at 02:25:04 PM EST
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