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well, the situation here still is pretty psychotic.

28 hours ago | Remarks by President Biden at COVID-⁠19 Response Team's Regular Call With the National Governors Association

THE PRESIDENT:  Asa* -- thank you very much, Asa.  Look, there is no federal solution.  This gets solved at a state level.  I'm looking at Governor Sununu on the board here.  He talks about that a lot. And then it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road, and that's where the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help.

23 hours ago | CDC cuts isolation time for Americans who test positive from 10 days to 5.
pre-omicron: delta COVID care workers only
quarantine: 10 days
test neg/re-entry/mask: 7 days IF neg, 5 days IF labor shortage

pre-omicron: any delta COVID contacts
quarantine: 10 days, IF no-vax; 0 days, IF vaxed
test neg/re-entry/mask: 10 days

omicron COVID positivity

  • triple-vax: 0 days
  • breakthru/no-low vax: 5 days
test neg/re-entry/mask : 10 days, IF triple-vax; 5 days, IF breakthru/no-low vax

41 min ago | US move to shorten COVID-19 isolation stirs confusion, doubt

[France] Health Minister Olivier Veran said the rule changes will be aimed at warding off "paralysis" of public and private services. By some estimates, France could be registering more than 250,000 new infections per day by January.

Italy, meanwhile, is considering doing away with a quarantine altogether for those who have had close contact with an infected person as long they have had a booster shot. Projections indicate as many as 2 million Italians could be put in quarantine over the next two weeks as the virus spreads.

The U.S. airline industry applauded the CDC move.

* Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas, plaintiff in 27 states, et al. v. US Dept of Labor, OSHA

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